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A collaborative approach to solving problems

As a coach, Dr. Dugan seeks first to understand – emphasizing compassion and helping to find root cause issues. Together, equipped with knowledge and context, you can consider new possibilities and craft a vision for what’s possible relying on the belief that “the answer is often in the room.”

coaching beliefs

Dr. Dugan’s coaching style promotes self-reflection and growth while always driving towards tangible impact for educators and students.


The education system does not serve everyone equally. It was never designed to. Through truth telling, education, and advocacy, freedom and agency are the goal.


We maintain a relentless commitment to alignment between espoused values and every action. Through shared power, collaboration, and consistent wealth redistribution in the work, doing right by the people is a must.


Imagination opens the door to liberation. Building on the practices of our ancestors, we acknowledge injustice and dream of worlds of freedom that don’t yet exist.


As Bettina Love says, “we want to do more than survive.” Through healing-centered practice, we prioritize sustaining ourselves and work toward change where impact lasts.


Our work presents its challenges. This is why infusing joy into every facet of our work is crucial. Joy serves as the gateway to persistence, optimism, and the boundless capacity to dream


Dr. Dugan offers 3 unique ways that speak to an individual's professional development needs, as well as their supportive preferences.

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Leadership Development

Through continuous, context-specific learning opportunities and coaching, Dr. Dugan supports leaders to develop, lead, and sustain visions aimed at increasing equity and inclusion. In collaboration with a team of skilled facilitators, we act as mirrors, guides, and accountability partners in your servant leadership efforts. We support your work to: - Acknowledge Inequities - Identify Barriers - Examine Self - Reallocate Resources - Cultivate Gifts and Talents "Equity isn't a destination but an unwavering commitment to a journey. It is easy to focus on where we hope to land and lose sight of the deliberate daily actions that constitute the process."

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Therapeutic Coaching

The deep interpersonal work is best done in one-on-one coaching. The work here focuses on personal leadership goals and individualized healing. Dr. Dugan works with you to explore who you are, recognize your beliefs and how they impact your decisions, and use asset-based coaching to support self-care, healing, and your personal vision for equity-centered leadership. We support you to answer questions like: - What is my experience with racism and oppression? - How do I create or perpetuate inequitable conditions? - How do I more closely align my actions with my aspirations for equity? - How do I take care of myself in the process? Note: I pay special attention to the "invisible" work load carried by BIPOC leaders and hold a sacred space for our experiences. We work to build leadership confidence aimed at stepping into our power, heal repeated trauma and equity work exhaustion, and address internalized oppression.


Team Support

There's magic in working with small, committed teams to make systemic change. Team support is focused on boards, executive leadership teams, and leadership bodies that impact decisions within a particular context (instructional leadership teams, strategic planning teams, etc.). This work is project-based, typically aimed at leading change through pilots and cycles of learning. We work with you to: - Build Common Vision - Nurture a Healing-Centered Collaboration Environment - Engage in Equity Cycles of Transformation - Grow Impact

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